Catan - 3D Edition

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    The island of Catan rises off the table for an immersive experience like no other. Settlements grow up from fertile fields and cities nestle into the sides of the mountains. CATAN comes alive as players collect resources, trade them, and build their way to victory! Enjoy a more immersive and unique experience as the island of Catan rises off the table in three-dimensional splendor.

    -The long-awaited 3D Edition is based on terrain tiles hand sculpted by Klaus Teuber himself and hand painted for stunning color.

    -The intricately-designed player pieces are antiqued for a look that's full of history and character

    -Over 25 years, CATAN is a cult classic that has sold more than 35 million games worldwide and has built a loyal and enthusiastic fanbase.

    -This is a standalone product. No other version of CATAN is required to play.

    -CATAN 3D Edition is a must-have for any collector or CATAN devotee.

    - $350.00

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